Monday, November 26, 2007

Family Pictures!

A friend of ours, Angie Gambill of Gambill Photography, recently did a great job of taking pictures of our family. Check out a slideshow of favorites here. For those of you in the Nashville area I highly recommend her!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Seattle It Is

Most people reading this blog already know that we are in the midst of preparing to move to Seattle, WA to start a new church, called Connect Church. Hence the main reason for my delinquency in posting. BTW, I do still intend to post some pictures, so keep checking!!

It's just a crazy time for us as we are doing much to get things in order while trusting God to actually make it all happen. And I will go ahead and say that if anything good or successful comes of this venture it will be solely because the Lord did it! That's not said lightly - we feel this more than we've ever felt it before.

Many people wonder why we would do this. It's not like living in Seattle has been a life-long dream of ours. All our family and closest friends are in the South, with the exception of the Corbins, who just recently moved to "the emerald city" themselves to start a church called The Commons. In fact, the idea of starting a church had never entered out minds until about a year ago. Plus, we just love Nashville and thought we'd be here long-term. There are many other reasons, which I will not take the time to detail, why this doesn't make sense. The only reason I can give is God is compelling us to do this.

It was through a series of unique events and interestingly-timed conversations that God put this idea in our heads. The initial hook for me was hearing that the percentage of Christians in China is greater than in Seattle, WA. Are you kidding me?! This southern girl was shocked! I must say that even though this fact intrigued me from the start I was not initially excited about this idea. In fact, I was even bold enough to tell God not to make us do this. But, He gently changed my heart as He has many times before. And I've always been glad He did.

With that said, we have spent months and months praying for God to put His desires in our hearts, to open the doors necessary to fulfill those desires, for clarity, for wisdom..... And here we are. So, Seattle it is.

(Please check out the links I've posted under "Seattle-Bound" to get more details about Connect Church.)

"Thank You God for my panties..."

Tonight during our family prayer time these words came out of Hannah's mouth, and I must admit that I was echoing them! We finally seem to have turned a tide this week with our potty training saga. Hannah successfully wore panties all day today! She was very excited and we hope that will continue to motivate her to be a big girl. :)