Monday, November 17, 2008

A Visit from Friends

Our friends, Tricia and Brenda, came to visit the first weekend in November. Actually they really just came to see our girls, but that's okay! :) They are two of the many wonderful people in Nashville that loved on our girls and provided hours of free babysitting! We sure had it good! It was an encouragement to us to have them here and to be able to let them see our lives here up close.

Saturday, the girls and I gave them a good tour of Seattle. We ate at Ivar's Fish Bar on the Sound, fed the seagulls, walked through Pike's Place Market and made a stop at a park on Queen Anne Hill overlooking the city.

Kaitlyn gave us some good camera action....

However, this is what Hannah thought about having her picture taken. No amount of coaxing was going to get her to take a good picture on this day!

We love you Brenda and Tricia!!

Halloween Block Party

Here it is almost Thanksgiving and I'm just now updating about our big Halloween event. Well such is life for me right now - running a bit behind. Connect Church sponsored a block party at our house Halloween night and we had fairly constant crowds for about 2.5 hrs. It was definitely a success! And I imagine, based on the response of our neighbors, if we don't deliver something similar next year, everyone will be disappointed! We are so grateful for all the help we received to put on this event and for the outcome of the night!

We all had a great time...... Dale and I especially enjoyed meeting more of our neighbors and getting to visit with them while the kids played. In fact we were so busy having fun I didn't capture much of it on camera I'm afraid to say! But here are a few pics.....

Hannah as Aerial, along with some of the other Connect Kids, taking a break from trying out the jumping castle before the neighbors arrived.

Our little Care Bear with Daddy.

Our garage was decked out in Halloween decor and stocked with popcorn, coffee, hot chocolate and crafts for the kids.

Some neighborhood kids playing a game under the tent.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

October Fun

I'm a little behind on my updating. So here's a little glimpse of all the fun we had as a family in Oct....

Here's the girls w/ Grammy and Paw Paw. Kaitlyn and Paw Paw really bonded on their recent trip here. She couldn't get enough of him!

Here they are "heading" upstairs for bed.

Hannah was a frog on "Dress Like an Animal Day" at Preschool.

Thanks to one of my neighbors, we got free tickets to see "The Green Sheep" at the Seattle Children's Theater and had a blast. Unfortunately, my battery ran out so I didn't get any shots of the stage where we were placed in the "sheep pen" while we helped the actors look for the green sheep. It was so cute and tons of fun! But I did get a sweet sister moment just before going in.

Happy Kaitlyn...

Hannah and I went to a local pumpkin patch with her preschool class. Here she is having fun w/ one of her favorite preschool friends.

Kids Say the Darndest Things.....

Here are a few of our latest favorite sayings from the girls....

"Mommy, I like you. I think we'll keep you." (Maybe she thought she could trade me in? I'm glad, after 4 years, that she's given me a satisfactory evaluation!)

After a discussion about heaven. Hannah asked if our house would be in heaven. I told her that Jesus is preparing a special house for us to live in there. To that she responded, "Can God paint? Because I want Him to paint my room pink."

"Daddy, you're special."

"Mommy, you're the best mom in the whole wide world that I've ever had!" (One day I'm going to think to video this to play back in about 10 years as a reminder!)

"I want cookie." (This is her favorite thing to say.)
"Happy, happy, happy!"
"Hold me." (With arms extended.... who can resist?)
"Boo!" (She loves playing peek-a-boo.)
She's just way too cute for her own good at this point.