Saturday, June 30, 2007

Birthday Fun

Grammie and Paw Paw came into town Thur. for Hannah's birthday. They bought her a swing set! So, when Daddy came home Friday from Super Summer EXHAUSTED, he got to help Paw Paw assemble the new addition to our backyard. Here they are hard at work.

Hannah's first words about it: "WOW! That's the hugest one I ever saw!" What a GREAT gift!!

We had Hannah's party today. I decided to have a simple party here at the house and only invite a few close friends. The swing set got broken in well and the kids also enjoyed playing in the pool and sprinkler.

Hannah and Naomi swinging

Veronica and Hannah on the big girl swings! (Sorry Joy for cutting your head off!)

Ethan and Hannah in the sprinkler

The girls in the pool

The kids enjoyed eating lunch and then diving into the cupcakes and ice cream cones!

Hannah received lots of fun gifts. Hannah has grown to LOVE dressing up and wants to do it all the time. We go through many outfits a day, mostly dresses. So, we gave her a trunk full of dress-up clothes. That was a big hit. Our outdoor party quickly became and indoor dress-up party. Aren't they precious?!

I have to say that throughout the whole event Kaitlyn was perfect! She welcomed everyone with a smile and then went to sleep and slept the entire time in her bouncer! It was a great day with friends and family.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Poor Hannah had to visit the doctor on her birthday! She awoke last night with a horrible cough and was complaining about a sore throat. It turns out she has Croup, Croupe....? Whatever. So, she'll be contagious for about 4 days. The 5th day is her birthday party. Whew! Glad that didn't get messed up, since that is the ONLY Saturday for several weeks we have open to have her party. Crazy!

Anyway, it did not deter us from having her small & simple birthday festivities. After dinner I gave her one of her presents and let her open all the cards she'd received in the mail. Then we watched Toy Story and ate popcorn and chocolate chip cookies. We danced to the credits and then she was so worn out, she was ready for bed. How's that for a party!

Little Performer!

Well, forget what I said previously about Hannah's lack of stage performance. Yesterday morning at church the kids performed their VBS songs again and she seemed to be the main attraction as she REALLY got into it! At one point she especially liked twirling her dress as she "twisted" to the beat. She had me cracking up! And I was so proud of her as she knew a lot of the words to some pretty hard songs for her age. And wouldn't you know, I completely forgot they were singing and did not have a camera!!

Speaking of age....... she's 3 TODAY! Wow! Her party won't be until Sat., but we're planning to rent a movie and eat special treats tonight!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Catch Up!

What a busy, busy week we've had! Last Sat. our friend Sarah left to do mission work in Los Angeles for 3 weeks with Campus Crusade for Christ, so Fri. night we met her and some other friends at Pizza Perfect to say good-bye before her big trip. We topped the pizza off with Ben & Jerry's ice cream! Yum! Good times with good people!

Sat. Hannah had her first of several birthday celebrations. Her sweet Sunday school teachers, Brenda & Eddie, who are the adopted grandparents for all the little people at our church, gave Hannah, Ethan & Will a combined birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. They all have birthdays in June. Will just turned 1, Hannah will be 3 & Ethan will be 4. It was very cute and the kids had a great time!
Hannah with Brenda

Kaitlyn's having fun too!

We had a meaningful time of worship Sunday at church and had a good Father's Day lunch with the Shrums - grilled ribs! I am thankful to have a great dad, who I always miss being with on Father's Day. Hannah and Kaitlyn have a wonderful daddy too! We are all very blessed.
Proud Dad with his girls

This week was Vacation Bible School, Hannah's first to attend as a participant. We had it at night this year and Hannah ended up being more tired than I've ever seen her by the end of it. I don't think we'll attend another night VBS any time soon! One day she was ASKING for her nap! But overall, she did great and had a really good time. She would come home singing the songs and doing the motions. But the last night, when all the kids performed the songs for the parents, she went into shy mode again. She's turning out to be an on-the-spot performer rather than a staged one I think. Although, she was also really tired.
Excited to be at VBS!

"It's okay Daddy, I'm a big girl."

Dancing on the last night.

We said good-bye to Daddy this morning as he headed off to Super Summer to serve as Dean of the Orange School, otherwise known this year as the Transformers. Those of you who know Dale know his love and fascination with Transformers, and thus, you know how pumped he has been about his theme!

The rest of us had a great time at Ethan's birthday party today downtown at the Bicentennial Mall Fountains, where we had Hannah's party last year. It's such a fun place for the kids! Ethan turns 4 a day after Hannah turns 3. Kaitlyn had fun sleeping the entire time. If she's in her car seat carrier, she's probably asleep - it's like magic! I was SO thankful! The highlight was when Anna Grace's & Houston's daddy, who is a Nashville Fire Fighter, showed up in a fire truck and let all the kids have a minute to "drive". He definitely won Daddy of the Day!
Naomi & Hannah splashing around

Hannah eating the fabulous Cars cake Saundra made!

Hannah taking her turn in the truck.

The whole crew. Aren't they cute!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Potty Victory!

Okay, so Hannah has been going potty fairly consistently since she got her own bathroom until the last couple of days. And, no pooping yet. So, today I recalled something I read awhile back about a mom using M&M's as an incentive to go potty. I don't like the idea of bribing my children with food, but I've become desperate to have this child potty trained. So today I told her that every time she pees in the potty she gets 1 M&M and every time she poops she gets 3 M&Ms. About 15 minutes later I hear her yelling from the bathroom. I am proud to announce that she pooped in the potty!! I've never been so excited to see poop in my life! We'll just see if this ends up working for good. And then I'll be stuck with how to stop the M&M train. We can't be giving M&Ms out indefinitely. Can you just see her going to school in a few years and asking her teacher for M&Ms after the potty break?!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

First Hair Cut

Today Hannah had her first hair cut! Her hair has become a little hard to manage so I asked Kim, my hair stylist, to shape it up a little. And I was hoping she could help me get Hannah excited about me fixing her hair since she hardly lets me touch it, even to brush it sometimes, much less to put clips, bows & pony tails in.

Hannah was so excited when I told her she was going to get her hair cut like Mommy. She felt like such a big girl and she did SO well!!

Here she is waiting with anticipation.

She loved the smock....

but wasn't too sure what Kim was doing back there, although she didn't complain.

A little styling with the diffuser.......

and what a beautiful finished product! Kim's cut and style really makes her curls come out. She said she'd let me play "beauty shop" with her at home, so we'll see what happens!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Moments from the Week

We are all grateful that Dale is back home! He came back from camp exhausted and full of stories, some I still have yet to hear. Our kids had a blast and experienced God powerfully.
Since they returned from camp on Wed. afternoon, Dale would not be able to come home until late, after Encounter. So, I took the girls up to the church early to say hi. Hannah was SO excited to see her Daddy. She just hugged and hugged him, like I've never seen her do before. It was very sweet.

The weekend was really nice with Dale back. We got so much done at the house and had fun too! We finished buying stuff for the new bathroom and installed everything. It happens to be in the girls' room, so Hannah feels ownership of it. She took her first bath in HER bathtub. (By the way, we then discovered that the tub loses water, as if we need anything else to be frustrated w/ our contractor about!) That aside, one good thing about this bathroom is that Hannah has also been excited about HER potty. Even though we have a training potty, we decided to buy her a Dora seat cushion that sits on the normal toilet seat. She has been so pumped about that and has been going potty quite a bit. I'm so excited and hopeful that this will be what she needs to get her going........ Going in the potty that is!

I got to get away Saturday and have breakfast with my friend Sarah. It was quite refreshing to be out for a little while after being at home with the girls all week by myself. We went to IHOP. MMMMM, it was good! I especially love the stuffed french toast. It's not too good on getting rid of pregnancy flab, but it's great on the taste buds! And Sarah is such a sweet, encouraging friend. I always enjoy spending time with her.

The other night, while Dale was rocking Hannah, she began asking questions about God and Jesus, like "Where is Jesus? Where is God?" So he was having quite a theological discussion when she broke in with, "Does Jesus have his p.j.'s on?" :) The mind of a 2-yr old!

Dale and I got to rent a movie too! These days this is a big deal. Anyway, we rented The Pursuit of Happiness. It's a must-see, but get the tissue! Wow, it sure will bring you down to earth. We have so much to be thankful for. May I never complain about lacking anything!

Here's the "big girl" in her tub. She got to pick out the bathroom accessories (with our guidance - I really didn't want an entire bathroom full of Dora!) I think she did pretty good. I'll have to post more bathroom pictures later.

This is Daddy's suitcase that we emptied out b/c she was determined to take a nap in it! I was skeptical that this would become play time, but she fell right to sleep!

Sweet girls!

Sweet Kaitlyn feet! Look at those long toes!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Gone to Camp

I'm 2 days into the first of several trips Dale will be away on this summer. This week it's Student Life youth camp. Dale called yesterday to talk to Hannah. She asked him if he was in his tent. :) I'm making it okay with the girls on my own, but I sure miss Dale! I am so fortunate to have a husband that helps me tremendously. He helps me keep the house somewhat in order. Is it ever REALLY in order these days?! Since Kaitlyn's arrival he's mainly been the one to do Hannah's bedtime routine and baths. While we're having some fun girl time - We'll be watching The Little Mermaid tonight - we're already looking forward to seeing Daddy again.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Little Swimmer

This summer, rather than having Hannah attend a summer mother's day out program, we decided to give her swim lessons. I've been a bit nervous about actually paying money for something I wasn't sure she'd actually do. This is a child who FREAKS OUT if she gets water in her eyes while taking a bath. It's almost impossible to wash her hair without a screaming fit.

Well, today was her first lesson, and we were SO PROUD of her! She just jumped right in, literally, and had a blast. The first time the instructor tried to get her to put her head under the water, she did it, but she cried. Yet, she did it 2 more times during the lesson and by the last time, she just shook her head and said, "I allright". What a brave little girl!

Here she is kicking....

jumping in.......


and smiling proudly!

And yes, I changed our blog. I got bored with the first one. This may happen some as I get more acquainted with how to do this blog thing.

The Girls

Kaitlyn is growing SO FAST! It seems much faster than Hannah. She's so sweet. She doesn't cry much, although when she does, she really does! What a set of lungs! She smiles so much now, especially when people are talking to her. And she loves to coo like she's really having a conversation with you. Here are a couple of recent pics of her in her swing at home and sitting with Sarah at Kiwi's birthday party.

Hannah is all about doing as much as possibly by herself. For the most part, this is good. She can change her clothes & put on her shoes fairly well by herself. However, she also tries to change her diaper by herself. She will come out of her room diaperless and we'll find diapers in all sorts of places. All the more reason why she's got to get this potty training down! She also really likes to help. In fact, last night she helped me give Kaitlyn a bath. But yesterday she asked for a wet rag so she could clean the kitchen floor! I didn't want to do it, but she actually got upset. She seemed to have fun cleaning. That could definitely be a plus in years to come!

We recently had a luau-themed Home Bible Study in honor of our graduating seniors. Here's Hannah eating a yummy snow cone and entertaining some of our graduates, Kristin, Olivia & Becca.