Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Festivities!

Yesterday we took the girls to see Santa. Although Hannah had been excited all morning, by the time she was face-to-face with St. Nick, she wouldn't let go of Daddy. So, we had to go with a family portrait if we were to get anything at all. Dale and I were not prepared for this. Next year we'll know better! Kaitlyn was very intrigued by Santa's beard, which was real. In fact, he was one of the best Santa's I've seen in awhile. He almost had me believing again! ;)

Things got a little crazy on the train ride!

We had lots of fun decorating for Christmas last week! We tried to get Hannah not to put all the ornaments on the same 3 branches while trying to keep Kaitlyn from eating them!

Hannah proudly put the nativity scene together, with a little help.

Kaitlyn proudly destroyed the nativity, with no help whatsoever.

When Hannah alerted us to the sunset, which she does often, we had to take a break to admire! Isn't it beautiful!

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Boundbrooklane said...

Sweet girls! Looks like a fun day!