Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our Little Trouble Maker

We had just finished our core group meeting Sunday night when Laurel, one of our childcare helpers, brings me her cell phone and says, "It's a 911 operator and she wants to talk to you. Kaitlyn dialed 911 and hung up." At first I think it's a joke. But the minute I get on the phone I know it's not. I was immediately and sternly asked for my address. I quickly apologized and explained that my 19-month old accidentally dialed 911 and there was no emergency. She had to follow protocol and put me through to the sheriff's office, where I had to verify what had happened. The interesting thing is that the cell phone had it's key lock on. So, not only did Kaitlyn push just the right combination to unlock the phone, but she dialed just those emergency digits and stopped pressing buttons long enough for the call to actually go through. What are the odds of that?!

And just earlier that same evening she decided to take her diaper off and walk around mooning everyone. Hmmm.... Should we be worried?


Tricia Hicks said...

Maybe she is acting out because she misses Tennessee and all of her friends so much? Just a thought. (grin)

erin said...

Will did the same thing! When he was about the same age he dialed 911 from our home phone then he must have hit talk again leaving the phone off the hook. When the 911 operator couldn't return the call they sent the police to the house! Talk about embarrassing!

Just wait till Kaitilyn takes off her diaper and PEES ON THE LIVING ROOM RUG.