Saturday, July 31, 2010

Times of Refreshment

Philemon 1:20 "I do wish, brother, that I may have some benefit from you in the Lord; refresh my heart in Christ." (Paul to his friend Philemon)

Although we are physically spent from a summer of non-stop going, our hearts have been deeply encouraged and our spirits revived, especially over the course of the last couple of weeks. And I thank God for that. He knows us in and out and is so good to refresh us in deeply personal ways.

This time, it came in the form of a visit from some dear friends from Nashville, Kevin, Janet & Isaac Shrum.

These are friends who we love deeply but don't get to see very often. They came with a need to be refreshed, yet their presence and friendship offered that gift to us. I think it's an amazing thing when God connects people in such a way that they can encourage one another in the Lord in very meaningful ways, building each other up to serve Him more faithfully and more passionately. It's a perfect picture of the body of Christ at work and that's what happened in & out of our home through everything from eating together & playing basketball, to taking on new adventures & laughing until it hurt, to sharing hearts & praying together. God is amazing, extravagant in His care of us, fun... I love the life He's given us and the many wonderful people He allows us to live it with, both near & far. And I'm especially grateful for this time of refreshment with the Shrums. Stay tuned for pics! :)

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