Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Blogger

Okay, I've finally been inspired to create my own blog. Thanks Star! I've not been much of a blogger - too busy I guess. But now that I have more and more friends with blogs - I just love reading them and looking at the pics! It creates a sense of closeness despite the fact I may be hundreds of miles away. Of course, I've always thought, "If I had a blog, I wouldn't know what to say......" But, here I am, attempting it.

With so many of our friends and all of our family living in other states (or countries), I'm hoping this will prove to be a fun and effective way of letting people we care about both far and near see into our lives a little more. And hopefully as you share in the Braswell journey, you might be encouraged in yours.

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Mattalicious said...

The Braswell journey? I'd better bring a book.