Friday, April 27, 2007

Salsa and Stuff

We spent part of our evening at Loews pricing items for the second bathroom we're about to have built. Yes, another remodeling project! Help me if I ever live in another house that needs major renovations! But, it will be worth it, I'm told, because it will increase the value of our home, blah, blah, blah. It BETTER increase the value of our home since it's about to increase the chaos in our newborn-and-currently-temperamental-toddler-and-sleep- deprived-mom-and-dad-inhabited home. Doesn't that sound fun! Anyone want to join us?

So, we took a break from home renovation planning and stopped at a local Mexican restaurant - my fav! Chips and Salsa take me away! As I was sitting there stuffing my face and watching Hannah with pride - because she's already learned how to down the stuff quite well - I was wishing I were eating Tex Mex. Tennessee has some good Mexican food, but nothing compares to Pappasitos! Oh, how I miss it! You Texans just take it for granted. Just watch out or you'll find yourself far, far away and your taste buds left wanting.


AmyG said...

Pappasitos!!! My mouth is watering! You'd think there would be a Mexican food restaurant in Mumbai, but unfortunately that craze hasn't hit here yet. I must say that I am thankful that Indians enjoy spicy food, cilantro, limes, and chiles. It makes it easier to be away from TexMex when I can at least have something so spicy it makes my nose runny. :)
Hope the bathroom project moves along quickly for you guys. :)

Boundbrook Lane said...

Another remodel! You just might be crazy! :) I'm sure it will look amazing. . .when it's all done. You should call Tara and ya'll can trade remodeling stories!! Talk to you soon!

The Sanders House said...

yeah..i just found your blog!! i am so pumped!
i love that i can keep up with the braswells!!