Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Growing Girls

Okay. I actually started this one a couple of weeks ago. And even more has happened, so I'm glad I never finished. Just thought I'd share how our girls are growing!

She is so good about going with the flow with our crazy schedule. She's either sleeping or smiling at everyone. She smiles when people talk and sing to her and chuckles when she's kissed or tickled around her neck. She loves it when Hannah talks and sings to her, as she does often, and has proven pretty tough against the not-so-gentle ways Hannah will attempt to "play" with her.... She is rolling over now! But then she doesn't know quite what to do once she's on her tummy. Thank goodness! I'm not ready for a crawler! Although she wiggles a lot as if she is wanting to get up and move, just like her sister. She also tries to sit up occasionally when she's lying on her back. It looks like she's trying to do a sit-up.... She was already growing into the 3-6 month clothing before she was 3 months old. If she continues this pattern, her big sister's hand-me-downs just aren't going to last as long as we were hoping! Yikes!.... She enjoys reaching for objects of interest, including my hair lately. My hair is still a source of comfort for Hannah as she still holds onto it when she's being rocked or when she's tired. It looks like Kaitlyn may follow that pattern! I'll never be able to get my hair cut short! AND, it looks like she's already getting a tooth! This child is growing fast in every way! Too fast in my opinion!

Sometimes I feel like I have a 15-yr-old trapped in a 3-yr-old body. She changes clothes many times a day and is very particular about what she is wearing. If it doesn't somehow qualify as a "ballerina dress" it just won't do. The only way I could get her to wear a pair of shorts the other day was to point out the ruffles that were on it.... She's improving slowly in the potty department. The only poop that's gone in however was the one I mentioned a few posts ago. But she's being more consistent, so I'm grateful and trying to be patient. She has memorized this mantra and states it often as she sits on the potty, "Big girls don't wear diapers, they wear panties." I'm trusting that one day this will take..... One of Hannah's latest sayings that has us cracking up is, "I want to jump over you. You're the moon, I'm the cow." She definitely pays attention to the nursery rhymes! And her favorite game at the moment seems to be Hide and Go Seek, since she wants to play it ALL the time. But she still doesn't really get it. She'll either hide in the same exact spot I just hid in as I'm watching her, or she'll yell out from her spot, "Come find me!" which is a dead give-away. It's quite entertaining actually.... She figured out several weeks ago how to write the letter "H" without any coaching from us, so we're working with her on other letters, since according to her "H" is her name. :) .... She has become quite sensitive to others' feelings and is often concerned if someone appears sad, unless she's caused the sadness by taking away a toy or something - she does have her moments!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." (James 1:17)
We thank God for our girls and pray that we are good stewards during the time they have been entrusted to us!

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Boundbrook Lane said...

What precious little girls! You are a wise mommy to study them closely and enjoy all their stages and phases. I so enjoy reading what they're doing since I so closely relate! We love the Braswells!