Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hannah's Big Day!

Today is Hannah's 4th birthday and she has been so excited to turn 4! She told me this morning she thinks she's a little bigger today. We started the day with some chocolate chip pancakes and strawberries for breakfast. Originally I had planned for us to spend the day together just as a family doing lots of fun things with Hannah, since we've just moved and don't yet know many people. Also, with all that's been on our plate after a big move, that just sounded easier. But during the last week I decided to switch gears because Hannah has been pretty sad off and on missing her friends in Nashville. So, I decided to invite the few kids we do know at the last minute for a party at the park. I thought if 1 or 2 show up that will be great. Everyone I invited came plus a couple of extras! It was awesome and Hannah had a blast! And it was an absolutely beautiful day to be outside.

Here's a good sister pic.

Of course she had to have a Princess cake!

Here's all the kids that helped make Hannah's day so special!

How many girls can you fit on a tire swing?!

Kaitlyn doesn't need company to have a great time.

This park is awesome. The girls are at the foot of a big hill about to go exploring on some trails through the woods.

Kaitlyn found a new favorite - the slide. She finally worked up the nerve to slide by herself and after landing I'd pick her up and she'd point to the top and say "again". So I'd sit her at the top and off she'd go.

After leaving the park we joined our new friend Addison and her brothers at Subway for lunch. I think these two will get along just fine!

After Subway Hannah got to go on a Toys 'r Us shopping spree, thanks to Grandma. She came out with quite a loot! Here are Grandma and Hannah with 2 of her favorites - Belle and Cinderella!

Hannah's been wanting to go to Chuck E. Cheese's for awhile, so we took her there for dinner. Kaitlyn could hardly sit still in her high chair in the concert room. She literally danced through dinner!

And finally, we gave Hannah her first bicycle. She was very excited to get it and was riding it fairly well down the street this evening.

We are so very thankful for Hannah and the joy she brings to us. And after only being here a little more than 3 weeks we were amazed at how things came together for Hannah to be able to play with so many new friends. God knows just what she needs and has shown us today that He's providing for her too. She even met a new friend at Chuck E. Cheese's tonight. They were inseparable, so of course I had to exchange phone numbers with her mom so the girls can play again. Thanks to our sociable daughter, we are getting to meet people pretty quickly! We are all exhausted, but it's been a very good day!


Micah said...

Awwww -- what an exciting post! How good to see the way God is providing for ALL your family's needs! And these pictures are priceless :)

Tricia Hicks said...

What a special day for Hannah! Seeing how excited she and Kaitlyn are makes me miss them even more. Less than a month though....

Zach Pendergrass said...

That's funny that Hannah had that exact princess cake because I have had to make and decorate at least two exactly like it at Maggie Moo's in Jackson. Fun times!

Looking through the pictures makes me miss you guys even more, but I pray and see the Lord's grace is heavily upon you.