Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hannah's "Pre-Birthday" and Other Pictures

Today we celebrated what we called Hannah's Pre-Birthday. She will turn 4 on June 25. But since Grammie and Pawpaw are in town, we celebrated with them today. The theme, of course, was Princesses. We had chocolate cake and banana splits.

Here's the big gift - a sandbox! It's one thing we can actually fit in our back yard. It was a big hit as you can see. Thanks Grammie & Pawpaw.

Kaitlyn thought the sand looked tasty. The little dab on her chin is the left overs.

Here's Hannah going to town on the drums. Dale is so excited that we finally have some space for them. We have a great little music room stocked with his drums, guitar and our piano. It's already made for some great conversation starters with delivery and installation people who have been in our home.

We decided to have an indoor "beach party" today since it's too cold to have a real one. It's been in the 50's and 60's during the day here!! Is it really June? I need some summertime weather!!

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