Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things.....

Here are a few of our latest favorite sayings from the girls....

"Mommy, I like you. I think we'll keep you." (Maybe she thought she could trade me in? I'm glad, after 4 years, that she's given me a satisfactory evaluation!)

After a discussion about heaven. Hannah asked if our house would be in heaven. I told her that Jesus is preparing a special house for us to live in there. To that she responded, "Can God paint? Because I want Him to paint my room pink."

"Daddy, you're special."

"Mommy, you're the best mom in the whole wide world that I've ever had!" (One day I'm going to think to video this to play back in about 10 years as a reminder!)

"I want cookie." (This is her favorite thing to say.)
"Happy, happy, happy!"
"Hold me." (With arms extended.... who can resist?)
"Boo!" (She loves playing peek-a-boo.)
She's just way too cute for her own good at this point.

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