Friday, June 11, 2010

Enjoying the Present

This time last year Hannah couldn't wait to be 5. Her birthday is in 2 weeks, so she's spent the last few months longing to be 6. It's gotten really bad. Yesterday she came home from school and began to cry because one of the boys in her class announced that he was turning 6 today. "It's not fair!" she cried. I couldn't believe how hard she was taking this news! With a summer birthday, she is one of the youngest in her class, so I guess the months of watching others turn 6 had really gotten to her. Wow!

So, I sat with my daughter and tried to explain the importance of being happy in the moment we are in, at the age we are, wherever we are. I told her if we were always wishing for something in the future, we'd miss out on all the wonderful things about the present. Such deep discussions for an almost-6-yr-old!

In light of this, I was quite surprised tonight when she asked me to rock her before going to bed. We haven't rocked since the early days of 5. :) I didn't mind. I just enjoyed the present!

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Anonymous said...

Ha, good advice for whatever 'age' you are...just enjoy the moment!