Thursday, June 17, 2010

Goodbye Kindergarten!

Last Friday Hannah had her kindergarten program at school. I first want to say that we are so proud of the little person she is becoming! She has worked well, obeyed her teacher well & befriended her classmates well. She's ready for 1st grade, whether I am or not!

The week prior to the performance, she informed us she would not be singing. Although, she has quite the personality around people she knows, she has never been one to enjoy being up in front of an audience. So, we tried to encourage her to sing, without success. Then, the day before the performance when I picked her up from school, she announced that she would be singing! I was happily surprised. And she did it! She sang and kazooed her little heart out - with eyes locked on me the entire time! I guess that was her way of blocking out the audience! We were so proud of her for overcoming her fear!

After the program we went to her classroom to enjoy refreshments,which the kids eagerly served the parents. Hannah showed us some of her projects & we watched a picture presentation Hannah's teacher had put together of the entire school year. I had managed to hold in my tears until then!

Hannah showing Kaitlyn what it was like to be "co-teacher", which she looked forward to every time it was her turn.

Hannah loves her teacher!

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