Monday, January 24, 2011


We have already had so much fun in the snow this winter season. And it started early - the week of Thanksgiving!  It is such a thrill for this Houston-grown girl to live in a place that can so easily become a winter wonderland!  Here are some pics around our house and at Logan Park, which offers some great sledding hills!  

The girls were excited that our friends the Fullers were at the park too.  Here they are with Shelby.

My little angels! :)

Our second big snow came the week after Christmas!  So we had to go back out for more sledding.  Such a fun time!  We also had  a good family snowball fight.  I think Hannah won.  She got me good!

Hannah found one of her classmates at the park and they worked to make their own little snowman.  They soon demolished it by sending it sledding! 

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