Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Screamer

Kaitlyn is creating quite a reputation for herself as "the screamer". Occasionally she begins yelling out, not because she's upset. Oh no. She does it with a smile. It's somewhat alarming at first because she's SO LOUD. But after awhile it becomes humorous. I've been wondering if she's trying to say, "Hey people! Listen to ME! Look at ME!"

Until yesterday this mostly took place within the confines of our home. But now she's gone public! Her first performance took place during dinner at church last night. Everyone was staring at our table wondering what I must be doing to torture this child. People from across the room were stopping by to check on her. Of course once people realized she was just yelling for fun, they talked to her and encouraged more shrieks. One thing's for sure. She got A LOT of attention! I guess she liked it so much she decided to see what it would do for her while I got my hair cut today. Same affect. Lots of attention throughout the salon!

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The Wilson Family said...

Happy Birthday, Tina!
I hope you have had a great day with your precious family!