Sunday, June 10, 2007

Moments from the Week

We are all grateful that Dale is back home! He came back from camp exhausted and full of stories, some I still have yet to hear. Our kids had a blast and experienced God powerfully.
Since they returned from camp on Wed. afternoon, Dale would not be able to come home until late, after Encounter. So, I took the girls up to the church early to say hi. Hannah was SO excited to see her Daddy. She just hugged and hugged him, like I've never seen her do before. It was very sweet.

The weekend was really nice with Dale back. We got so much done at the house and had fun too! We finished buying stuff for the new bathroom and installed everything. It happens to be in the girls' room, so Hannah feels ownership of it. She took her first bath in HER bathtub. (By the way, we then discovered that the tub loses water, as if we need anything else to be frustrated w/ our contractor about!) That aside, one good thing about this bathroom is that Hannah has also been excited about HER potty. Even though we have a training potty, we decided to buy her a Dora seat cushion that sits on the normal toilet seat. She has been so pumped about that and has been going potty quite a bit. I'm so excited and hopeful that this will be what she needs to get her going........ Going in the potty that is!

I got to get away Saturday and have breakfast with my friend Sarah. It was quite refreshing to be out for a little while after being at home with the girls all week by myself. We went to IHOP. MMMMM, it was good! I especially love the stuffed french toast. It's not too good on getting rid of pregnancy flab, but it's great on the taste buds! And Sarah is such a sweet, encouraging friend. I always enjoy spending time with her.

The other night, while Dale was rocking Hannah, she began asking questions about God and Jesus, like "Where is Jesus? Where is God?" So he was having quite a theological discussion when she broke in with, "Does Jesus have his p.j.'s on?" :) The mind of a 2-yr old!

Dale and I got to rent a movie too! These days this is a big deal. Anyway, we rented The Pursuit of Happiness. It's a must-see, but get the tissue! Wow, it sure will bring you down to earth. We have so much to be thankful for. May I never complain about lacking anything!

Here's the "big girl" in her tub. She got to pick out the bathroom accessories (with our guidance - I really didn't want an entire bathroom full of Dora!) I think she did pretty good. I'll have to post more bathroom pictures later.

This is Daddy's suitcase that we emptied out b/c she was determined to take a nap in it! I was skeptical that this would become play time, but she fell right to sleep!

Sweet girls!

Sweet Kaitlyn feet! Look at those long toes!

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Boundbrook Lane said...

Oh, my goodness! These are the cutest pictures! I love the one of Hannah in the suitcase! Have a great week, Tina!