Tuesday, June 12, 2007

First Hair Cut

Today Hannah had her first hair cut! Her hair has become a little hard to manage so I asked Kim, my hair stylist, to shape it up a little. And I was hoping she could help me get Hannah excited about me fixing her hair since she hardly lets me touch it, even to brush it sometimes, much less to put clips, bows & pony tails in.

Hannah was so excited when I told her she was going to get her hair cut like Mommy. She felt like such a big girl and she did SO well!!

Here she is waiting with anticipation.

She loved the smock....

but wasn't too sure what Kim was doing back there, although she didn't complain.

A little styling with the diffuser.......

and what a beautiful finished product! Kim's cut and style really makes her curls come out. She said she'd let me play "beauty shop" with her at home, so we'll see what happens!


Boundbrook Lane said...

Hannah looks beautiful! What a cutie-pie! She looks so big in the salon pictures! I hope I get to see her this summer!

The Sanders House said...

i love her hair! i hope she will let you do that at home!