Saturday, June 23, 2007

Catch Up!

What a busy, busy week we've had! Last Sat. our friend Sarah left to do mission work in Los Angeles for 3 weeks with Campus Crusade for Christ, so Fri. night we met her and some other friends at Pizza Perfect to say good-bye before her big trip. We topped the pizza off with Ben & Jerry's ice cream! Yum! Good times with good people!

Sat. Hannah had her first of several birthday celebrations. Her sweet Sunday school teachers, Brenda & Eddie, who are the adopted grandparents for all the little people at our church, gave Hannah, Ethan & Will a combined birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. They all have birthdays in June. Will just turned 1, Hannah will be 3 & Ethan will be 4. It was very cute and the kids had a great time!
Hannah with Brenda

Kaitlyn's having fun too!

We had a meaningful time of worship Sunday at church and had a good Father's Day lunch with the Shrums - grilled ribs! I am thankful to have a great dad, who I always miss being with on Father's Day. Hannah and Kaitlyn have a wonderful daddy too! We are all very blessed.
Proud Dad with his girls

This week was Vacation Bible School, Hannah's first to attend as a participant. We had it at night this year and Hannah ended up being more tired than I've ever seen her by the end of it. I don't think we'll attend another night VBS any time soon! One day she was ASKING for her nap! But overall, she did great and had a really good time. She would come home singing the songs and doing the motions. But the last night, when all the kids performed the songs for the parents, she went into shy mode again. She's turning out to be an on-the-spot performer rather than a staged one I think. Although, she was also really tired.
Excited to be at VBS!

"It's okay Daddy, I'm a big girl."

Dancing on the last night.

We said good-bye to Daddy this morning as he headed off to Super Summer to serve as Dean of the Orange School, otherwise known this year as the Transformers. Those of you who know Dale know his love and fascination with Transformers, and thus, you know how pumped he has been about his theme!

The rest of us had a great time at Ethan's birthday party today downtown at the Bicentennial Mall Fountains, where we had Hannah's party last year. It's such a fun place for the kids! Ethan turns 4 a day after Hannah turns 3. Kaitlyn had fun sleeping the entire time. If she's in her car seat carrier, she's probably asleep - it's like magic! I was SO thankful! The highlight was when Anna Grace's & Houston's daddy, who is a Nashville Fire Fighter, showed up in a fire truck and let all the kids have a minute to "drive". He definitely won Daddy of the Day!
Naomi & Hannah splashing around

Hannah eating the fabulous Cars cake Saundra made!

Hannah taking her turn in the truck.

The whole crew. Aren't they cute!


Jamie Michael said...

Sounds like a great week! Hope all goes well while Daddy is at Super Summer.


Well, hi Jamie! I just saw your other comment too. How are you and your family doing? It's great to hear from you!