Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 Reflections

2007 was a year marked by major change for us. It began with a lot of questions about our future. Dale and I felt that change was coming in regards to ministry and were wondering if God was leading us to start a new church. It was an idea. But were we even cut out to do something like that? Seattle was a thought, but nothing more. Now we're about to put our house in Nashville on the market and are planning to purchase a home in Seattle at the end of the month. We still wonder if we're really cut out to do this, but now we have more than a year's worth of God's direction and confirmation...so on we go.

About the same time Connect Church was being born in our hearts and minds, Kaitlyn entered our world. March 14 at 9:00 p.m. on the dot. (Does that mean she'll always be punctual?) Becoming the parents of two proved to be quite an adjustment! But we wouldn't change it for anything. Kaitlyn is so much fun. She is a laid-back, good-natured, sweet little girl who has a very big giggle box. She's fairly quiet with occasional bursts of loud babbling or screaming, most of which are currently happening any time after 9 p.m. We're hoping her night owl phase will end soon! Her favorite words right now are ma ma :), ba ba, la la and something that sounds like yum, yum. She absolutely loves Hannah and wants to be wherever she is and doing whatever she is doing. For this reason we think walking will happen any day now. She already will stand freely for several seconds at a time and is cruising around easily. Her first tooth appeared just before Christmas. And she's now a member of the Braswell Christmas road trip club. We put 2200 miles on our vehicle in a 10 day period and she did quite well. Although now we can't get her in her car seat without violent protests!

OK, I realize I've gone from reflecting on the past year to reflecting on Kaitlyn....

So, as I think about '07 I am thankful. It has been intense. But I'm thankful because we've been able to experience God more intensely. Through all of our searching and changes in our family He has proven once again that He is with us... He is good. He is a faithful provider. He is an encourager. He is the giver of all good gifts. He is peace. He is powerful. He is a friend. He is our strength. He is a God who clearly speaks to us and will lovingly go to great lengths to make sure we hear Him. He gently leads us down the right path and covers us with grace when we often and continually miss the mark. He understands. He works out every circumstance for our good. He comforts, sustains and energizes.... and so much more.

Because of the intensity of His presence in 2007 I know He'll be with us in amazing ways through all that 2008 will bring.

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