Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fun at the Braswells

We've had the joy of having our youth over for the past 3 nights for our January Bible Study. It was a blast! And a much-needed break for me from prepping the house to sell and packing! Although I've had enough chips and cookies to last me a few months!

Here are some of our awesome kids!

This is Hannah showing some of the kids her photo album with her baby pictures in it, narrating page by page. I happened to walk in as she was saying, "When I was little I was naked a lot."

Smash Brothers was a nightly activity.

Some of our faithful youth volunteers and friends!

Some more of the kids....

Hannah grabbed her Bible and sat down with her "big kid friends" for Bible Q & A. She lasted all of about 10 minutes.

Gotcha Moses!

Kaitlyn had fun being passed around. She loves all that attention!

Here's our little walker showing off....

...and our big girl being silly with her story-time buddy.

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