Sunday, January 27, 2008

What do we treaure?

There is a song that has captured my attention over the last few weeks. It's a Stephen Curtis Chapman song that I never really even noticed before, but I happened to pull an old CD out and there it was. Here are the lyrics to "The Treasure of Jesus":

What can I do? How can I live to show my world the treasure of Jesus?
What will it take? What could I give so they can know the treasure He is?

If I can sing, let my songs be full of His glory.
If I can speak, let all my words be full of His grace.
And if I should live or die may I be found pursuing this prize,
the One that alone satisfies......
the treasure of Jesus.

I just can't get this song out of my mind. It's SO convicting, yet inspiring. It's made me think about how I live and how I see other Christians living. Do we live in such a way that it is evident that Jesus is THE most valuable thing to us? I think many times it appears that other things are worth more to us.... time, money, security, comfort, the approval of others, our reputations, our pride, possessions, our ministries, our dreams, our opinions, the way we look, our health, relationships with others, having our way, our very lives.

The truth is absolutely nothing can compare to the immense treasure that Christ is and the complete satisfaction He gives. And He is so gracious to give us the gifts of time, money, our dreams, friendships, etc. But these things, while they may satisfy for a time, eventually leave us empty apart from Christ.

So the questions I've been asking myself......When we take an honest evaluation of what we really value above all else, is it Jesus? The world will know by the way we live. And if it's not Christ, then why would they want Him? Are we seeking to spread our names or the name of Christ? There are so many who don't know what a treasure Christ is. But if I am seeking after the same things they are or just trying to make my name great, then how are they going to find the only true Treasure?

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