Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Dale!

In honor of my sweetie's 32nd birthday, I want to take a minute to share what I love about him...

* He is passionate - about a few things - but mainly about the Lord.
* He is quite handsome.
* He is a kid at heart.
* He is very smart.
* He is an awesome Daddy to Hannah and Kaitlyn.
* He says corny things like "Cool Beans" not knowing that people don't say that anymore.
* He KNOWS God's Word and desires for others to know it.
* He is an amazing teacher and communicator.
* He makes me laugh.
* He is a hard worker.
* He is one of the most honest people I have ever met.
* Thanks to him, Hannah refers to boys as "dudes".
* He can carry on a conversation with just about anyone.
* He challenges me.
* He loves a good debate.
* He lives with integrity.
* He seeks God.
* He influences others to seek God more.
* He is truly my best friend.
* He is spontaneous.
* He can't remember where he left his keys, but he can remember what I was wearing the first time he noticed me.
* He seeks to lift up Christ and not himself.
* He had a car named, "Hot Rod", after the Transformer character.
* He serves me by helping me around the house. He even does the laundry!
* He is a great drummer.
* He dreams big.
* He knows that God's even bigger.
* He has a soft spot for animals.
* He loves the great outdoors.
* He can wing just about anything - it's amazing!
* He is friendly.
* He is wise.
* He is committed to me and to our family.
* He has a great smile.
* He is someone I can admire and be proud of...

This morning we celebrated over breakfast. Hannah was so excited to give him her handmade card, she actually gave it to him last night. It was fun to do it all over again this morning! Happy Birthday Dale!

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