Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A new generation of family entertainment

We are avid American Idol fans - as avid as you can be with our crazy schedule. And it's a whole family affair. Hannah loves it. And now Kaitlyn even gets into it by swaying and clapping to the music. It hit me last night as we were watching the guys perform... when I was Hannah's age, this was my family, except we were sitting around watching Hee Haw and Barbara Mandrell! Wow!

Speaking of Idol..... I have failed to make note on my blog of a very important sighting when we were last in Seattle. For those of you who have followed previous seasons, we saw Blake Lewis at a restaurant. He walked right by me while we were waiting to be seated. I must confess that I had a crazed fan moment, which I'm really not inclined to. But it sounded something like this: "Is that Blake Lewis? That's Blake Lewis! Oh my gosh, it's Blake Lewis! Ya'll, he's coming this way!" I really tried not to be a gawker. Deep inside I was wishing I had the guts to see if he'd take a picture with us. Oh well.

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