Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Update of the Week

Last Wednesday we had enough snow to play in for a little while. Hannah had a blast! She had her heart set on making a snowman though and there just wasn't enough snow for it. Although it was quite entertaining trying to make one!

Valentine's has been fun for the girls. Here they are opening cards and gifts from Grandma, Grammie & Pawpaw and us.

Kaitlyn really liked the kitty we got her, but we've had a case of confused ownership. Or maybe I should say stolen ownership. Hannah has claimed it as her own passing it off as "Kaitlyn is sharing with me.".....

...Watch out Sleeping Beauty! When Kaitlyn realizes what's going on she'll be after her sister's prized new doll!

Dale began a Valentine's date tradition with Hannah this year and took her to Chili's for lunch. She said she was going to make sure Daddy was a gentleman and was looking forward to giving the waitress her order herself, like a big girl. And they were good to me to bring me back some of that awesome chips and queso!

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