Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Friday night, Dale and I made plans to go out for his birthday. We are grateful to have family that provide us a continual supply of gift cards. This has really saved the dating aspect of our relationship! So, we decided to head to P.F. Changs (yum!!) and the movies to see Vantage Point. What an interesting movie! Kevin and Janet were able to accompany us, so it made it doubly fun!

I do have to make note of a funny story about the evening. Our waitress was a super nice and very attentive Chinese woman. At one point during the meal I splattered some sauce on the front of my white sweater - down in the belly button region. She happened to be at our table when it occurred and offered to go get some "soda water". How thoughtful. When she returned she dipped a napkin in the Club Soda and, rather then handing the cloth to me, she began to eagerly blot my sweater herself. After two such blottings, she looked at me and said, "One more time!" The good news after this awkward experience was that most of my stain was gone.

Sunday night we had Home Bible Study at the Lancaster's. Before Bible study everyone had a great time playing DDR and Rockband.

They even let Hannah have a turn. I also have some great pictures of Janet & Beth getting down, but I've decided to be nice and not post those pictures for the sake of our friendships. :)

Here's Dale having fun behind the drumset.

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