Thursday, April 24, 2008

American Idol

Okay, I am still very disappointed about last nights' results. I just knew Carly and the Davids would be in the top 3. I really, really like Brook and will probably buy some of her music one day. But she's still not as good as the other 3. And Jason, let's just face it. The fact that he is still in it is proof to me that many voters are teenage girls that don't know any better. No offense to my many young friends who are teenage girls! The only hope that I have is that Carly has gotten enough exposure now that she will be fine I'm sure. But watching American Idol from here on out will not be nearly as fun.


Micah said...

I agree! And how was Syesha in the bottom 2 after that performance, while Jason was in the clear? I'm glad other people get worked up over this, too :)

erin said...

I think Chandler is still in mourning.