Monday, April 21, 2008

Ed Stetzer

I don't know how many of you who read my blog know who Ed Stetzer is, but you can find out more here. He is one of the church planting gurus of our time. Dale has read a few of his books. And he happens to be the interim pastor at First Baptist Hendersonville, right down the road from us. Dale had the opportunity to meet with him last week and he was so gracious to him and served as a big encouragement at this point in our church planting journey. Since we're church hopping we decided to go hear him preach on Sunday - which was phenomenal - and I got to meet him after the service. Super nice guy! Well, he informed us that we would be showing up on his blog, and low and behold here we are on the post entitled "Sunday is for Friends". Just scroll down until you see the "Dale Braswell" heading with our picture. How amazing is that?!

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