Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Things are ever changing....

Many are asking when we're moving and what's the latest with plans for Connect Church, so here ya go....

We're already learning that if you're in church planting, you must always be ready for your plans to change.... Which goes completely against my "plan ahead" nature. But God must have been conditioning me for this, because I'm not going completely crazy! We still have not sold our Nashville home. So, first and foremost, if you're reading this, please say a prayer that it will sell very soon. Because of this, we've had to adjust some things with the purchase of our Seattle home. Therefore, we don't have a definite move date yet.

This brings me to another issue. Dale and I made the decision a couple of weeks ago for him to look for a part-time job in Seattle in order to stretch out the funding we've currently received. Because we don't know how much longer we may be in Nashville, he's decided to look for a job here that will allow him to work even though we're moving soon and/or one that could transfer to Seattle when we move. So, you can also be praying that he finds such a job that will also give him the flexibility he needs to still focus much of his time on Connect Church.

We are not discouraged. We know that everything will happen in God's timing and it will turn out better than what we had planned. God continues to show us daily that His hand is upon us and that He is providing for what we need. As a good friend reminded me recently, God is faithful to provide our DAILY bread, so we need not worry about tomorrow.

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