Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"I'm growing. Things are changing."

My 5 1/2 yr-old (the 1/2 is very important to her!) has a way with words - silly and otherwise. If she only knew how profound some of the things are that come out of her mouth.

Anyway, I have been rocking her before bed almost every night for her 5+ years. Until recently. (I never thought it would last this long...) So I asked her a couple of nights ago if we were done rocking and her response was, "Yes. I'm growing. Things are changing." Wow. I felt like I had been punched. Did it have to sound so matter-of-fact? I knew the day would come. I mean, rocking is for babies, right? Kaitlyn is not much of a rocker. She could take it or leave it. But, Hannah... it was our snuggle, chat & sing-to-me time. And, apparently, it's gone.

There are other things changing. She's got two loose teeth, as of this week, that she is very excited about. The day she discovered them she squealed with delight and exclaimed, "This is the best day EVER!" She's told anyone who will listen about it. She's even yelled it out to the streets via her open bedroom window. I am sure there are visions of tooth fairies dancing in her head...

Kaitlyn is growing and changing too, of course. I'm super excited about this one. I began my own version of potty training bootcamp on Friday and already she is out of diapers except during nap & bedtime! And better yet, she now tells me when she needs to go.

Yes, they are growing and things are changing. And so it goes...

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family!! Thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement in the last few posts. Joe and I pray for you guys and know that you are doing a mighty work. I miss you terribly. I pray the Lord continues to sustain you as you persrvere in doing His work. God bless you guys!! Kim McDonald