Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Northwest Adventures

The Northwest is known for lots of things, three of which, we've been able to experience just within the last couple of weeks...

Tulips: Tara and I took the girls to the Snohomish County Tulip Festival earlier in April. Snohomish County is where we live, and only about 45 minutes north of us there are fields of tulips that bloom this time of year. I LOVE tulips and this was one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen!

Although we were fortunate to have sun, the wind was cold and the girls would absolutely not take off their coats!

Tailgating at the Tulip Festival!

Salmon: Salmon here is not just a food, but an experience. Last weekend Dale took the girls to a local salmon release just 5 minutes from our house. Loads of baby salmon were brought in. Kids from the area brought their buckets, which were filled with the salmon before they carried them to a stream to release them.

Tonight we had salmon for dinner, which is becoming more of a staple for us. The girls were keenly aware that we were eating the same cute little fish they had in their buckets a few days ago. Hannah's response was, "How sad!" Kaitlyn's response to Hannah was, "But they're dead." This was a fact she enjoyed commenting on throughout our dinner. :)

Crab: Tara's job took her over to Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula today. While she was walking along the water by a pier she ran into some fishermen and worked her magic on them. They offered her a couple of live dungenness crab and told her how to cook them! These are pretty expensive in restaurants. We had a pretty exciting evening getting the lively crabs into the pot of boiling water. But we had a taste when they were done and mmmm they are yummy!

Tara REALLY got into it!

Awww... So looking forward to eating you for dinner tomorrow night!

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Micah said...

The NW is so fun! Your tulip pictures are amazing -- I am so jealous, since NOTHING seems to grow here in southern Colorado. And did I miss something? Is Tara living there now?