Friday, April 16, 2010


Well, it happened again... Life has been moving full-speed ahead and I've taken no time out for the blog. That's not all bad, but it wasn't planned. I have fun posting and it makes me feel like our friends and family, especially the many who do not live close to us, can have a deeper look into our lives. I had every intention last fall to be more consistent, so my words here may have less impact. But, I'm going to strive to post once a week - for anyone who wants to hold me accountable to that. :-)

I think it's important. First, because there are so many who have invested in our lives - either by the fact that they are family and have helped to raise us, or who have spent countless hours in friendship, prayer, encouragement & support of us. For these people, I think it means something to see what is going on in our lives here, and to see how our family is growing and changing. At least I know that's true for me - I so enjoy seeing pictures of and knowing the significant things that are going on in the lives of friends around the world that I can't physically see on a regular basis. And, second, it's good for me on several levels. I love to write and it gives me just one more opportunity to do that. But it also gives me a platform for boasting in the Lord, which we are all called to do. And I want to be about that more. He's done so much for me and for my family - even in the worst of times He's worth boasting about. And He is in all the details of our lives - big & small.

So, I'm going to be intentional with my intentions this time to share more of those details. :-) Something I've been learning to be more of anyway - intentional. So, stay tuned...

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Micah said...

I will certainly stay tuned! I've missed updates on your sweet family - looking forward to having you back in the blog world!