Friday, April 30, 2010

"Teeth. Everybody's got teeth..."

Yes, Dr. Seuss, but this girl just lost one. And if you read my previous post about her wiggly teeth, you can imagine how excited she was when one actually came out. You would have thought she just won a national prize as excited she has been about it.

Here's her new toothless smile...

...which she admired for quite awhile after the event.

I've never seen Hannah quite so proud. She's told everyone she can about her lost tooth - even one of our neighbors we barely know who just ran by our house. :)

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Micah said...

I LOVE the picture of Hannah admiring herself -- sooo cute!

Daniel gets the Connect newsletter, and he just recently started forwarding it to my email. I'm still kind of behind, though -- or maybe I'm way behind if Tara moved there in September! Having Alanna there will be so great! For the church and for you guys to have a little taste of "home" :)