Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Camping (Day 2): In the River & Through the Woods, Exploring We Must Go!

Our camping trip was full of exploration. And, wow, did we have a lot of beautiful territory to do that in! We decided to walk a trail called the "Hall of Mosses". It should have only taken an hour, but with our 2 kids, I'm sure we at least doubled that.

Here they are climbing in the background. Hannah, especially, wanted to scale every large climbable tree we happened upon, and in a rain forest, there are a lot of those!

When we saw this tree Hannah exclaimed that it looked like a dinosaur - a pteranodon to be exact - and we all agreed.

Isaac amusing us with his moss beard.

The rain forest offered us amazingly old & huge trees of all shapes that we climbed on, over & through as well as ferns the size of people. We walked on logs over a clear pond where Hannah tried earnestly to catch a tadpole. After all that adventure we needed a break, so Kaitlyn napped and we refueled on campfire-roasted hot dogs for lunch.

After lunch we decided to explore the Hoh River, which was a short walk from our campsite. The girls had a blast playing in the icy water...

... and so did the adults. Janet & I didn't let the guys have all the fun, I just wasn't about to post pictures of us dunking our heads in! But, it was extremely refreshing!

One thing about camping - you can't be afraid to get dirty, and thankfully our girls have no problem with that! There was so much mud on Kaitlyn's pants they just came right off of her!

One great thing about our afternoon at the river was the herd of elk that was sunbathing down the bank aways. We all kept our eye on each other while we were out there! You might have to click on the picture to get a better view of them.

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