Friday, August 13, 2010

Seattle By Air!

When the Shrums were in town we had the opportunity to give them an amazing surprise - a 40-minute flight over the Seattle area in 4-seater planes. (I'm not too good with technical names!) We knew we wanted to do something special for them and had a connection with one of the pilots who is known for his generosity in taking people up. We had recently been blessed unexpectedly and we wanted to pass it on! So, up we went!

The really fun part was that they had no idea what we were doing until we arrived at the airfield.

The ladies rode in one...

... and the guys rode in the other. Except Kevin actually flew the plane! Their pilot is an instructor, so he let Kevin take it.

Maybe these 2 aren't too sure about that... Actually, he apparently did a great job and even landed the plane!

It was my first time in a plane this small, so I was a little nervous. But I loved every second of it. The views were amazing! And another really fun thing was Tara & Alanna were at a Mariners' game that night and we flew right over the stadium. They even saw one of our planes!

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Micah said...

Seriously?! What a fun thing to do!