Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Mountain

Seattle is surrounded by mountains - the Olympic Mountain Range to the west and the Cascades to the east. But everyone in Seattle knows which mountain is "the" mountain and that's Mt. Rainier. Standing at 14,410 feet, Mt. Rainier is the largest active volcano in the continental U.S. It's peak is covered by more glaciers than any other mountain in the U.S. as well. So, we had to take the Shrums to see it!

Check out this picnic spot!

Hannah & Kaitlyn took a quick break from our group snow-ball fight. Hannah sure was vicious with the snow!

We found access to this stream on one of the trails we hiked. It was so refreshing to stick our feet in the ice-cold water!

Hannah got a bit carried away - oh, but what fun she had!

Here we all are at Paradise Point.

Little Hop-Along with her Daddy crossing over the waterfall seen in the previous picture.

A deer almost joined us on our second picnic of the day...

... along with a silver fox!

What a fun day we had playing on the mountain!

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