Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Camping (Day 3): Pacific Coast

We stayed two nights at the rain forest and then packed up on the third day. We were only 40 miles from the Pacific Coast, so we had to pay it a visit on the way home. And, no we did not skip ahead to fall. This is Rialto Beach on a late July morning!

The temp was probably in the upper 50's/low 60's that morning and it's always windy on the coast. And the wind and the water is always cold, especially when there is no sun to take off the edge.

I think these people, however, were a little confused. They had their swimsuits on and were diving & playing in the water as if they were in Destin, FL!

We were quite comfortable in our multiple layers!

The amazing amount of driftwood on the shore can easily provide hours of entertainment... Here's Hannah drumming.

The guys batted a few rocks out into the waves.

We found Fred Flinstone...

... a hair dryer...

... and a giant slingshot!

And, as is the custom on beaches up here, Hannah found a fort to play in.

In the distance is the town of LaPush, where we went to eat lunch, before making the nearly 4-hr drive home.

Here's a sign you don't see in the south! Poor little tsunami guy. It just doesn't look like he's going to make it.

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MJ said...

I LOVE the Braswell family and their camping adventures! So glad that you blog! I'm going to follow you guys now.