Wednesday, May 9, 2007

First Performance

Tonight Hannah had her first public performance. The mothers' day out she attends had an end-of-the-year dinner where each class sang a couple of songs. Although I was very proud of Hannah for being so well behaved and smiling, my otherwise very dramatic & sing-songy little girl stood there, for the most part, as if an observer. I was shocked! Where was my little entertainer? I guess she just wasn't in the mood. At least she stood confidently and didn't sit there with her fingers in her mouth, as some were doing. But aren't they cute?!

BEFORE the performance

DURING the performance.............

For the last song of the evening all the classes sang together. I noticed that she and the boy next to her were in their own little world, talking to each other. Then I think he got in her space more than she liked and she pushed him. After the performance she came to me and immediately declared, "That boy was bothering me!" I scolded her for pushing him, but inwardly I was thinking, "In several more years, PLEASE push the boys away when they bother you!"

Hannah and "that boy"

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Boundbrook Lane said...

TOOOOOO cute! I'm SURE Hannah was adorable! Keep up the blogging. .I love reading your entries!