Thursday, May 24, 2007

Recent Events

We've been pretty busy lately! 'Tis the season for graduation ceremonies and parties. Last night was a special night at Encounter, our Wed. night youth service, as the graduating seniors took charge. As each of them shared a word of encouragement, I couldn't help but feel how quickly these almost 5 years in Nashville have sped by for us. A few of our seniors have been with us the entire time, starting out as 8th graders in our ministry! I just can't believe it.

This past weekend was pretty eventful. We got to see our friend Ethan, who is almost 4, play his final soccer game of the season. And if you've never been to a toddler soccer game, you must find one to go to. It's quite amusing! And Ethan was so good! How could he not be with 2 little cheerleaders. Hannah and Naomi played that role pretty well. Hannah even ran out on the field to hug him once after he made a goal! Anything goes at these games!

Then Sat. night we went to Cityfest downtown. The kids got to do a few fun things, like get their faces painted and jump in an inflatable. We heard various musicians, the best being Steven Curtis, and we ate dinner with our friends the Hollanses and the Shrums at The Old Spaghetti Factory. For you Texans, it's just like Spaghetti Warehouse. Very yummy!!

Sunday night we had the privilege of hearing our friends No Other Name in concert. ( They never disappoint! It was a special night as our church prayed over them as God continues to bless their ministry and expand their influence. They have just signed with Curb Records and we are all so excited for them!

My days this week have been spent with my girls, a few friends, and unfortunately, our contractor. The bathroom project is STILL not complete! The work is good, but this guy is the epitome of SLOW! I can't say how happy I am that this is the last project he will be doing for us. I am ready to say good-bye!

To end on a good note......... Today, Erin Wilson, who is 4, spent part of the day with us. Hannah couldn't have been more excited that she was coming over. Before Erin arrived, Hannah placed a few things on her table and said it was her "meeting". She then said that Erin was coming to her meeting. When I asked her what her meeting was about, she said, "My meeting is about Jesus." That's a good meeting and a great way to end this post!

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FordeFam said...

Hahaha!!! As long as it's not a "come to Jesus" meeting...(at least I think that's what they call them when they are for reprimanding)! Hope you guys are having a good day! We have just started a blog now too! :)