Monday, May 7, 2007

The World of a Little Girl

Today has been filled with play. We spent a good part of the morning outside. It is an absolutely gorgeous day here! Hannah and I played while Kaitlyn napped. We played with chalk, kicked a ball around, watched various insects and snails, played a game of "Get Me". It's where Hannah runs off and as she glances behind her she yells, "Get me, get me!" and she just runs until you "get" her. So, I got her, again, and again, and again...... At one point her chalk became breakfast and we sat around her Dora table "eating" it. Later, Hannah took a break to pick some flowers out in the yard. While out there, she found her imaginary friend Shawanna again. Yes, Shawanna. I have no idea where she got this name b/c we don't know any Shawannas, but that's her name. And every now and then Hannah finds her in the back yard and they play awhile. The both of them ate snacks and swung awhile and I guess she eventually went home. As we were in the bathroom washing up before lunch Hannah introduced herself to her image in the mirror on the bathroom door. She said, "Hello. I'm Hannah Awee Bwaswell. Do you wanna come play with me?"

Daddy came home and ate lunch with us. Hannah wanted to "hang out" with him, but he did have to go back to work. So, we played with Kaitlyn for awhile on Hannah's bed, which she's always excited about. She offered her an array of stuffed animals and made animal sounds in her face. Kaitlyn seemed amused. Then we had story time and entered the world of Dora before she nodded off in the rocking chair. What a wonderful little world.

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Boundbrook Lane said...

Tina!!! I LOVE reading your blog!! I feel so connected.. . your girls are precious and reading about your day reminds me to treasure all these little things and to "store them up in my heart". God is good and I thank Him for the Braswells! Love, Star