Thursday, August 30, 2007

Growing Up

Hannah is growing up. I know that sounds like such an obvious statement. All kids grow up. But I'm so aware of it right now as I watch her. I can actually carry on a decent conversation with her. She has her own opinion about things, and she's not shy about expressing it! She asks me questions like, "How was your day?" and tells me, "Let me know if you need me" as she goes to another room to play.

Just today our friend Naomi came home with us from preschool and the two of them were carrying on the most adult-like conversation. It began something like this:

N: Hannah, do you remember we saw the fireworks? (I'm assuming she was referring to July 4th)
H: Wow! The fireworks! Yes, we did!....

She began going to preschool choir at church last night and had so much fun. She had about 10 minutes to eat her dinner at church before going off to Cubbies, the preschool version of Awana. (I will eventually remember to take my camera and actually take a picture of her. She looks so cute in her vest!) She took it all in stride.

Now if we can just get the potty training down, all will seem well in our world.


FordeFam said...

Awww! Sounds like you have a caring little helper on your hands! Sometimes, when Zoe tells me that she will help me without me prompting her, I will actually tear up! Hahaha! Sweet, sweet girls! :) And, about potty training, if I can potty train, anyone can! Be encouraged!

Jennisa said...

I love the name sweet!

Best of luck with the potty training! I had no patience for it, so my mom came to visit and trained my girl. I told her she should go into business! People would SO hire a potty trainer! :)

The Wilson Family said...

just wanted to remind you of the GH reunion Oct.6
more details on the website.
hope you can come, but I realize you live far away!