Saturday, August 18, 2007

Scootin' Around

I may soon have a crawler in my house!! Yikes! Kaitlyn has gotten quite fond of rolling over and can scoot on her backside quite well. Well, today she scooted at least a foot on her belly. She can't wait to be all over the place like big sis!

And just look at that pretty girl holding herself up!

P.S. Okay, I have to admit that after reading what I just wrote I had to go back and change Kaitlyn's name to Kaitlyn b/c I wrote Hannah. Is anyone with me on the second child potentially having an identity crisis b/c you tend to refer to them using the first child's name or am I the only dysfunctional mother doing that?! A friend informed me last week that I actually signed Kaitlyn in at the nursery as Hannah. The sad thing is I didn't ever catch it and couldn't remember doing it. Could I just blame it on sleep deprivation?


Jennisa said...

She's a doll! And yes, I just found myself this weekend calling one of my girls by the other name! It's the mushy mommy brain we get! Happens to us all! :)

FordeFam said...

Hahaha!!! What's really bad is when I call my dog by one of our children's names!!! Eek!!! When Lenci was born and I was with her in the hospital, I just kept looking at her! She looked soooo much like Zoe!!! It was weird! I should post some pics of how much they looked when they were born! That is such a fun stage...the rolling and scooting! :) Adorable!