Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Random Happenings

Here are some random pictures from the last few weeks....

Hannah posing amongst the bamboo at the zoo

Kaitlyn's famous "deer-in-the-headlights" look, as our friend Amy adequately described it.

(Okay Beth, here is a swimming picture! :)) I would have preferred to post one of just the girls, but we don't have one. :( This is momentous though as this is Kaitlyn's first time in a pool. We were at the Waller's, good friends of ours who bless us often by providing free child care!

It's a bit dark, but unfortunately this is the best one I have from our awesome day at Fundom Kids last week. Most of them are blurry due to the fact that I was either holding Kaitlyn or the kids were in constant motion! Hannah and Naomi are dressed up as princesses posing in front of a 2-story castle equipped with child-sized furniture and a slide. And yes, the dress-up clothes are provided. This place is awesome! It is in an old skating rink....They have a tricycle track, a pedal-car track, a couple of inflatables, and all kinds of other hands-on activities to keep the kids busy and having fun. At one point they even gathered everyone under the disco ball as they turned out the main lights and got some strobe lights and dance music going. The kids were so fun to watch!

A sweet sister moment. Hannah is enjoying her big-sister role more and more and I can already tell Kaitlyn loves her so much!

Kaitlyn trying out the jumpster a friend loaned us for the first time today. She really liked it. Now she can get a good leg workout!

And a-one, and a-two.......

What a joy it is to have Kaitlyn in our lives! She is 5 months old today. She has definitely discovered her voice and is beginning to find her feet now too. I am eager to know the ways her personality will resemble Hannah's and the ways it will be unique, but I'm not eager to pass through this sweet phase we're in......


The Granniss Family said...

Your kids are so cute! It's been a long time since Hampton Road Baptist! Great to see your family!

Joshua Murrell said...

Hey, Dale and Tina! I found your blog through the Smith Family's blog. Peter and I were incoming freshmen at DBU when you both worked in Admissions. The pictures of your family are precious!