Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I'm Back

I've been out of pocket for awhile, but I am back now. It's a little overwhelming to look back and see how incredibly busy our summer has been. They're always busy, but this one tops the rest I think! There's no way to quickly recap the last couple of weeks, so maybe I'll tell stories here and there later.

So far this week we've tried to relax and hang out at the house. We're not going out much with 100 degree heat all week! Tomorrow we've got a play date planned with friends at Fundom Kids, a 16,000 ft indoor play "kingdom". This will be our first time there and we're looking forward to it!

Some highlights of Hannah's day were: 1) seeing "the dudes" - what Hannah calls Dale's interns, Caleb, Patrick & Stephen. It also may refer to any other guy who may happen to be hanging out with "the dudes". 2) helping Mommy build a castle/space ship with her Mega Fort pieces she got for her b-day and visiting Saturn. All she had to sustain her on her long journey were Goldfish, almonds & apple juice. 3) seeing 2 bunny rabbits in our backyard this evening 4) watching a Transformers cartoon episode with Daddy. Yes, he's created a monster. She knows the names of many of the characters. He loves it.

Some highlights of Kaitlyn's day were: 1) getting to ride in Hannah's space ship 2) trying to sit up to see her kicking toy 3) taking a bath - she LOVES bath time!

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